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Since our inception in early 1996, the CCG team has been committed to providing our clients with superior products, innovative solutions, friendly fast service at substantial savings.

CCG is a manufacturer and importer of custom pieces for a broad range of industries and applications. We're headquarted in Bellevue, WA with manufacturing facilities in East China. Some of the industries we serve include board sport manufacturers (e.g.; snow board, wake board & water ski); marine industry; and the construction industries.

Do you currently have unique components made for assembly in your finished product? Are you looking for a lean inovative solution to your unique component needs? We may be able to help you. Some of our capabilities include metal stamping; machining custom fasteners in standard (English) and metric sizes; plastic injection molding and much more. We'll build for your specific application in the metal, plastic or other material you require.

Additional value-added services we offer include material recommendations for your component (if needed) and prototyping services. Our comprehensive in-house quality control system assures your component, from a couple of parts to production runs in the millions, consistently meet the tolerances and specifications called for in your design.

Another important part of CCG’s success is the many years of combined experience of our knowledgeable staff. With our extensive line of manufacturing services, lean dynamics and high quality, we promise to do our best to meet your component manufacturing requirements.


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