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Frequenly Asked Questions and their Answers

Q. Why buy from CCG?
A. We're fast, friendly, high quality, very efficient and very economical. In short, we're a lean inovative solution provider.

Q. Does CCG provide a quality guarantee?
A. Yes. If the component we make for you does not meet or exceed the standards we agreed upon, we will gladly provide credit or replacement components.

Q. How does CCG ensure customer satisfaction in the quality of its products and services?
A. Firstly, we guarantee it. Secondly, we strictly adhere to the specifications from you in the manufacturing process. Thirdly, we closely inspect at every step from design to delivery.

Q. What is the risk to the client if the quality of the prototype is not satisfactory?
A. For prototype development, the client is only responsible for 50% of the tooling cost up front and then pays the remaining 50% upon acceptance of the prototype. For products that are being developed from a physical sample and / or drawing with all the specifications delineated, the up front 50% tooling cost will be refunded if the agreed upon specifications could not be met.

Q. What is the lead time for product delivery?
A. Delivery: 3-4 weeks via ocean, 1 week via air; Production: 1-5 weeks depending on the level of complexity and the quantity ordered.

Q. What is the turn around time for making prototype samples?
A. 3-6 weeks for plastic components; 1-3 weeks for metal parts.

Q. What is the standard method of payment?
A. For a new account in the USA, we ask for payment by letter of credit or COD. Once we have appropriate credit information and order amounts, we can offer terms. For overseas accounts, we ask for prepayment or payment by Letter of Credit, and will offer terms after we have developed our business relationship.

Q. What is the normal way to pay for prototypes?
A. Payment of 50% of the tooling cost up front, and pay the balance after sample confirmation, or via COD when sample is delivered.


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